Reductions & Probation


Reduction in Rank and/or Suspension from Activities 

Leaders are responsible for setting an excellent example in everything they do.  Unfortunately, leaders sometimes act in ways to discredit themselves and the Colonel Battalion.

The SAI/AI may decide to demote cadets based on their actions.  

Leaders lose their leadership position if they are demoted.   


Current Rank Demoted Rank

Officers & CSM to SGT



The following actions may result in demotion and suspension from Raiders, field trips, and Battalion Picnic:

  1. Suspension from school

  2. Suspension from bus

  3. Detention for or observation by an JROTC instructor:

    1. Fighting

    2. Vaping

    3. Smoking

  4. 10 unexcused absences 

Academic Probation

All leaders must pass all of their classes to remain in good standing.  Squad leaders through the Battalion Commander to include Raider Team leaders must pass their classes.

If a leader has a failing grade reported on their Progress Report or Trimester Report Card, then the Cadet Battalion Commander will counsel that leader and place them on Academic Probation.  Cadets on probation must pass all of their classes during the next progress report or report card to remain in their position.  If a cadet receives a failing grade on their progress report or report card while they are on probation, then they will lose their leadership position.