SFC-MSG Study Guide (4/22)

SFC-MSG Study Guide:


Drill and Ceremony:


  1. What is the pace of march at the command of “quick time, march” and “double time, march?”


  • Quick time - 120 steps per minute, Double time - 180 steps per minute.


2.Generally, to whom is a salute rendered?


  • All commissioned and warrant officers


3. What music honors the flag as it is lowered in the evening?


  • “To the Colors”


4. When conducting drill for a platoon or squad, what is the position of the leader?


  • To the left of the formation and centered.


5. What foot is the command of execution given for “Left flank, march?”


  • Left foot


6. What action does the right file take during marching when the command “Eyes, right” is given?


  • Looks straight ahead


7. When giving the commands while not facing your unit, commands should be given over which shoulder?


  • Right shoulder



8. Cadence is called on which foot while marching in a unit?

  • Left foot


9. What is the correct position to assume during the playing of the National Anthem when in uniform indoors?


  • Position of attention




1.Name the three approaches to counseling


  • Directive, nondirective, and combined

2.What is synergy


  • Synergy is when you and your team members cooperate together and create better results than they could get working alone


3.What are five key elements to active listening? 


  • Eye contact, body posture, head nods, facial expressions, and verbal expressions. 


4.What are the four basic points for principled, centered negotiations? 


  • People, interest, options and criteria. 


5.Describe the participating style of leadership. 


  • A leader asks for input from subordinates that makes the final decision. 


6.List the four step planning process. 


  • Define the objective, study the current situation, list and examine all courses of action, select a course of action that will best help achieve the objective. 


7.Define the term motivation 


  • The process of giving others the will to do something.


8. What are the four known traits?


  •  Judgment, knowledge, Tack, and selflessness.


9. What are the 4 BE Traits?


  • bearing, dependability, endurance and enthusiasm.


10. What are the two DO traits?


  •  Decisiveness and justice 


First Aid:


1. Define first aid.


  • Immediate care given to an injured or sick individual until qualified medical treatment is administered.


2. What does the acronym CPR stand for?


  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.


3. What are “pressure points?”


  • Locations on the body where arteries are close to the surface and a pulse may be felt.


4. How far above the wound should a tourniquet be positioned?


  • Two to four inches, but not over a joint.


5. How do you treat a victim with an open abdominal wound whose visceral organs are exposed?


  • Apply dressing loosely without forcing organs back into the body.


6. What is the treatment for minor hypothermia?


  • Rewarm the victim’s body evenly and without delay.


7. How do you treat someone with heat cramps?


  • Move the victim into shade, loosen clothing, and give the casualty water to drink.


8. What is a potable liquid?


  • Any fluid which is drinkable.


9. How do you remove a stinger from a bee sting injury?


  • Scrape the skin’s surface with a knife or fingernail.


10. Define the term “dehydration.”


  • The condition that results when fluids are lost from the body and not replaced.


Flags and Guidons:

1. What is the correct terminology for the height and width of a flag?


  • Height- Hoist

  • Width- Fly


2. Where should the stars (union) of the Flag be Placed on a casket, during a military funeral?


  • Over the left shoulder


3. When two or more nation’s flags are displayed, how should they be flown?


  • Must be the same size and flown at the same height


4. What is the position of the national colors when carried with other flags?


  • On the left of the other flags


5. How is the flag placed at half staff?


  • Raise the flag all the way up and lower to half staff, when lowering raise it all the way up then lower.


6.Where would the guidon bearer be located in a formation at a standstill?


  • 1 step to the left and forward of the commander 


7.where would the guidon bearer be located in a formation whilst marching?


  •  Centered and 5 steps ahead of  and in front of the formation.



1. Which amendment to the constitution prevents “excessive” or unreasonable bail, fines, and punishments?


  • Eighth. 


2. Who has the right to declare war?


  • Congress.


3.What does the Sixth (6th) Amendment guarantee U.S. citizens?


  • Prompt and public trial by jury.


4.What determines the number of representatives each state has in the House of Representatives?


  • The size of its population.


5.Which amendment states that birth and naturalization are two ways of becoming a U.S. citizen?


  • The Fourteenth (14th) Amendment.


Uniform and Appearance:

1. Where is the name tag located on the male Class A uniform?


  • Centered on the right pocket flap between the top of the button and top of the pocket flap.


2. Where is the name tag located on the female Class A uniform?


  • Centered on the right side of the jacket even with the top of the button or up to two inches above.


3. When is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) worn? 


  • They are worn at summer camp and for participation on special teams.


4. What is a chevron?


  • It is the inverted V shape that appears on enlisted ranks.


General Knowledge:


1. What does LET stand for?


  • Leadership, Education, and Training.


2. Who was the most decorated soldier in WWII?


  • Audie Murphy


3. Who conducts drill for the company when the Company Commander is not available?


  • The First Sergeant.


4.Who is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?


  • The Honorable Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.


5.What happened on December 7, 1941?


  • The attack on Pearl Harbor.


6.What forces did the U.S. and its allies defeat in Operation Dessert Storm?


  • Iraq.


7.What are all males obligated to do within two months of their eighteenth birthday?


  • Sign-up for selective service