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FM 7-22

New Army Physical Fitness Test


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How to Extend the Platoon for PT

Commands (FM 7-22 page 7-2)

“Extend to the left, MARCH.” 

“Arms downward, MOVE.” 

“Left, FACE.”

“Extend to the left, MARCH.” (12 inches between finger tips)

"Arms downward, MOVE.”

“Right, FACE.”

“From front to rear, COUNT OFF.”

“Even number to the left, UNCOVER.”

         “The Bend and Reach”

         “Starting Position, MOVE”

         “In Cadence (Soldiers respond, “In Cadence”)


          Raise your voice as you call the cadence for the last repetition of the exercise.  This will alert the platoon that this is the last repetition.  The platoon will sound off with "Halt" instead of counting that repetition.  

"Assemble to the Right, MARCH."