Physical Fitness (PT)




Preparation Drill

  Bend & Reach

  Rear Lunge

  High Jumper


  Squat Bender


  Forward Lunge

  Prone Row

  Bent Leg Body Twist

  Push Up


Military Movement Drill 1



  Shuttle Sprint


Military Movement Drill 2

  Power Skip



Hip Stability Drill (5 exercises)

  Lateral Leg Raise

  Medial Leg Raise

  Bent Leg Lateral Raise

  Single Leg Tuck

  Single Leg Over


Shoulder Stability Drill

  I Raise

  T Raise

  Y Raise

  L Raise

  W Raise


4 the Core

  4 the Core:  Bent Leg Raise

  4 the Core:  Quadraplex

  4 the Core:  Side Bridge

  4 the Core:  Back Bridge


Push Up & Sit Up Drill

  Push Up & Sit Up Drill


Conditioning Drill 1

  Power Jump


  Mountain Climber

  Leg Tuck & Twist

  Single Leg Push Up

  Single Leg Push Up (Modified)


Conditioning Drill 2

  Turn & Lunge

  Supine Bicycle

  Half Jack


  8 Count Pushup


Conditioning Drill 3

  Y Squat

  Single Leg Deadlift

  Side to Side Knee Lifts

  Front Kick Alternate Toe Touch

  Tuck Jump

  Straddle Run Forward & Backward

  Half Squat Laterals

  Frog Jumps Forward & Backward

  Alternate Quarter Turn Jump

  Alternate Staggered Squat Jump


Running Drills





Running Drill 2

  Double Leg Hop

  To In Out

  Criss Cross


  Hip Raise Push Up

  Single Leg Hip Raise Push Up

  Single Let Out Hip Push Up


Running Drill 3

  Pose Weight Shift

  Pose Pull

  Alternate Pose Pull


Running Drill 4

  Timber Fall

  Timber Fall-In Pose

  Wall Fall

  Sprint Start


Running Drill 5

  Walk Progression


  Pull Back

  Elevated Pull Back


Running Drill 6

  Change of Support

  Hop in Place

  Hop Forward

  Run in Pose

  Backwards Run


Guerilla Drill

  Shoulder Roll

  Lunge Walk

  Soldier Carry


Recovery Drill

  Overhead Arm Pull

  Rear Lunge

  Extend & Flex

  Thigh Stretch

  Single Leg Over

  Groin Stretch

  Calf Stretch

  Hamstring Stretch